Diode Studio/ LED screen


  • PROJECT NAME Congress of the National Education Network, aimed at the education industry, mainly principals, teachers and TRS.
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE OBJECTIVES The event was interpreted into sign language with 3 tracks. The selected platform allowed interaction with participants through surveys, chat and quizzes, and at the end downloaded a certificate of participation.
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE IMPLEMENTATION Wydarzenie realizowane w dużym studio z ekranem diodowym (ekran LED) z wykorzystaniem 3 kamer oraz ramienia kamerowego, dodatkowo 2 studia mniejsze przeznaczone na ścieżki tematyczne


  • PROJECT NAME Perspectives on Women in Tech Spectacular online meeting of special guests with 10000 women from the technology industry in different time zones - from San Francisco to New Delhi
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE OBJECTIVES More than 50 keynote speakers from around the world 30 technical talks 60 workshops on technology and soft skills More than 200 mentoring sessions Remote connections Simultaneous translation Streaming on SM channels and platform
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE IMPLEMENTATION The event was held in two studios: the main one with an LED screen and a greenbox plus additional virtual meetings on the platform



  • PROJECT NAME The LOOK&LEARN French Blonde show is a meeting with L'Oréal Professional brand Artists to present the latest French Blonde trends.
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE OBJECTIVES The premise was to take the online participant to the Côte d'Azur, where they would be inspired by sun-painted hair. We started with a sandy beach in Saint Tropez. On the second day we transferred to a yacht in Monte Carlo, and on the third day we ended on the red carpet in Cannes.
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE IMPLEMENTATION A camera tap, an 11x4m LED screen, a 4x3m LED screen on the floor and a 12 sq. m. enclosure lined with 700 kilograms of sand from which the beach was made. For the realization we used full-frame cameras 4 pieces sony fx9 along with Sony g-master optics 70-200 mm , 16-35mm, 24-70 mm f2.8, 2 wireless video systems, Black magic studio table, altair wireless intercom and Liliput monitors. The lighting used for the studio included ClayPaky Scenius Profile, Claypaky Mythos, Robe Robin 600 LED Wash and Stairville Show Bar TriLED lights.


  • PROJECT NAME The 590 Forum is a series of expert meetings, organized among representatives of public administration, entrepreneurs and financial institutions, devoted to topics relevant to the Polish economy.
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE OBJECTIVES The event is divided into three panel discussions (up to 10 speakers simultaneously on stage). The number of debaters dictates the choice of a large studio (330 sq. m, 7 m high), with a panoramic LED screen (11x 4 m) and a stage (66 sq. m) covered with black hyps. Given the participation of government representatives, the priority was to ensure security and procedures, including rules related to covid.
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE IMPLEMENTATION Due to the numerous panelists, the realization on 5 cameras along with Sony g-master optics 70-200mm , 16-35mm, 24-70mm f2.8, 2 wireless video systems, Black magic studio table, wireless intercom and Liliput monitors. The lighting used for the studio included ClayPaky Scenius Profile, Claypaky Mythos, Robe Robin 600 LED Wash and Stairville Show Bar TriLED lights. Some of the panelists connected remotely from different parts of the world: China, India or Africa.


PROJECT: EWA Networking Online Event 2021

  • PROJECT NAME EWA Networking Online Event Winning Conference to summarize the annual EIT Food project organized for women in the Agro industry. All-day open conference and networking workshop for a dedicated and selected group. Entire event in English.
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE OBJECTIVES Graphic preparation of the project - concept and implementation, creation of an LP for the project, stream on a dedicated platform with networking rooms, conduct a marketing campaign on Social Media and within Google Ads;
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE IMPLEMENTATION Event held in a studio with a diode (led screen) for a platform created for the event. The whole event is divided into 2 parts - a networking one with online workshop rooms for female program participants and an open one with two conferences available to all viewers;
  • GOAL Gaining new business partners for the client and reaching a total of 300 registrations for the conference part;



  • PROJECT NAME Congress on Financial Education and Entrepreneurship
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE OBJECTIVES 15 speakers in the studio 10 speakers remotely Press conference with a presenter in the studio and 6 remote speakers Track division Streaming on SM channels and platform
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE IMPLEMENTATION Main greenbox studio, additional tracks in two studios


  • PROJECT NAME World Obesity Day Debate with 3 people in the studio and 5 people remotely Streamin on the platform Q&A session
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE IMPLEMENTATION Studio green three-camera remote connections with speakers


PROJECT: Autoglass

  • PROJECT NAME New technologies auto glass Webinar aimed at clients and partners of the company - insurance companies or automotive agencies and foreign units of the company in other countries. Dedicated virtual studio with logos and 4 languages.
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE OBJECTIVES Virtual studio editing, 4 audio tracks, remote connections from abroad (Belgium and Scotland) and stream to the client's platform with moderated chat.
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE IMPLEMENTATION Event held in studio green in 4 languages - Polish, English, German and French for 4 studios. Live stream for four client rooms each with chat - live questions translated and live Q&A session.

green AR [augmented reality]

PROJECT : Advertising Agency

  • CUSTOMER Advertising agency for a large client in the pharmaceutical market
  • PROJECT NAME The project aimed to spread awareness of the global issue of being overweight, both among adults and children, educating and publicizing the message to various people regarding patient support and treatment.
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE OBJECTIVES Due to the pandemic and transportation constraints, the premise was to combine full silhouettes of speakers physically appearing in different countries (Poland, Greece and Hungary) in greenscreen studios in the space of one common virtual studio (so that the viewer would see the speakers talking freely with each other and get the impression that they were all together, within one studio). The client wanted dynamic shots and virtual camera overlaps to reflect TV quality.
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE IMPLEMENTATION Implementation in AR environment. Virtual studio design directly related to the event's visual identity. Displayed AR slides in speakers' presentations. Provision of seven two-person simultaneous translation booths. Audio realization and live broadcasts in 7 languages agreed with the client. We sent our implementation team by road or air transportation to the designated locations. Their task was to coordinate the tasks on site with the staff of the local grenscreen studio, set up and professionally implement the telebridge (vision and sound in both directions), so that free conversation between countries was ensured. Numerous remote connections.


  • PROJECT NAME JH's Open Day was aimed at presenting new products in an interesting, memorable way.
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE OBJECTIVES The client's first online meeting was aimed at using the advantages of AR in connection with pandemonium and social isolation. Hence, an implementation using AR (augmented reality) was proposed. The premise of the realization was to reflect the warehouse in 3D form in order to invite the meeting participants inside. The intention was to surprise the participant with the possibilities of the online event, so that the realization would be deeply memorable and stand out from the competition.
  • DESCRIPTION OF THE IMPLEMENTATION Designing from scratch a virtual warehouse in the likeness of the client's physical warehouse, with attention to commodity details and space. Full graphic design allowing for seamless transitions between graphics and the virtual studio. Implementation using virtual cameras, dynamic shots, commuting and remote connections.