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Ace Internet Parents Council - How to be kind and know how to ask for help? Magda Mikolajczyk, mother of Zoya and Natasha, answers questions from Natalia Sisik. It was a series of meetings on various topics in our creative studio with a dedicated setting. The goal was to educate, so that the school teaches responsibility for oneself and others, attentiveness and cooperation.

Through this format, we support and connect teachers. Together with them we develop and test modern working methods. We help to go beyond the patterns in teaching and in school relationships. Because what education, such a world.

Aces of the Internet
Asy internetu

Creative studio

With a creative studio, we have the ability to set the scene in different sets. Full camera track, for live performance and recording.


It is a studio with dimensions of 11.5 m x 6.2 m (which is over 70 m2). With such an area, we have the ability to set up a variety of physical scenery, in which we can arrange the space freely for several shooting sets. Due to this solution, we have the possibility of realizing an interview, conducting a product presentation or holding a video conference with a remote speaker, which we can record or conduct a live broadcast. The studio has:

  • HD and 4K camera systems
  • Fully equipped - configured and ready to work
  • Various configuration options
    Like all our studios, this studio also has a separate director's room, so that those in the studio are comfortable and can focus on their tasks.
Creative studio


What sets Multistudio apart

Dynamic live broadcasts of any format, from any location, inter-studio and remote connections, mobile studio, visuals, professional equipment and transmission at the highest level, dedicated online platforms - and, of course, our team, experts with passion, who will make a given event remain long in the memory of viewers and will certainly stand out for its attractiveness.


  • Thanks to our advanced infrastructure during a single realization, it is also possible to connect between studios, remote connections and online broadcasts from any place and location in real time.
  • At Digita Space studios, we carry out live broadcasts of any format and have live broadcasting equipment that allows us to realize and professionally operate a telebridge.
  • We also come to the locations selected by our clients and realize recordings with online streaming of the highest quality and transmit to the client's preferred Internet platform or /and dedicated website (virtually anywhere on the web).
  • Inter-studio connections are a daily occurrence for us. We simultaneously realize recordings and transmissions from several studios, as well as from any additional location.
V KONGRES edukacji finansowej

The above elements are often a challenge for many companies. Tell us about the Event you want to organize by filling out the BRIEF. We will help you choose the best form, space and appropriate technical solutions. With us you have all the possibilities in one place. We will support our clients from concept to post-production.