Diode Studio/LED Screen

LED Screens (large format screens, led wall, LED screens) have appeared on the television and concert market relatively recently. They very quickly took a strong position in the world of conferences. Today, diode screens are an indispensable part of the implementation of content and entertainment. However, unlike the clearly defined functions of sound or lighting systems, the tasks of LED screens largely depend on the nature of the event.

Diode Studio/LED Screen
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It has already become the norm to combine the functions of LED screens in hybrid productions and online broadcasts.

New forms of broadcasting and meetings forced by the global situation have caused the roles of screens to expand and it has become necessary to combine their various functions. This state of affairs causes many uncertainties arising from the use of schemes developed over the years. We share tips and knowledge gained from a wide variety of productions with the diode in the DKS studio, which will help understand the new challenges facing contemporary productions.

It has already become the norm to combine the functions ...
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What does Studio Dioda offer?


  • More than 330-square-meter studio equipped with scenery and LED screen, professional lighting with modular stage. Such a space allows the preparation of settings for events of the highest rank, where the visual effect counts. The infrastructure is coupled with a professional camera track, prepared to work to the highest standard of television production and professional broadcasting.
  • 330 m2 of active area and as much as 7 m high, which allows for comfortable arrangement of space.
  • LED screen of 11x4m, LED screen on the floor of 4x3m).
  • The studio in a theatrical layout can accommodate an audience of up to 200 people.
  • It has full infrastructure for recording and broadcasting.
  • Full multimedia equipment - cameras, digital mixers, broadcast and transmission systems, own director's room and fiber optic infrastructure, symmetrical Internet connection up to 400 Mbps.
  • Possibility to divide into 2 or 3 independent parts.
  • Possibility to drive cars in.
  • Possibility to suspend your own lighting.
  • Possibility to suspend decoration elements.


What does Studio Dioda offer?
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In our studios, we use AR (augmented reality) technology in two ways. One is the use of a large screen made of diode panels (led wall). In short, we are talking about this implementation on the diode. In this case, we can supplement the real image with graphics, charts or 3D objects.

The realization on the diode is more natural for the presenters, it is definitely "easier for them to find themselves". There is a stage on which they can move freely and a screen on which some information is displayed. Only when the AR elements are displayed do they have to stay alert and, as a rule, look at an additional screen where they will see the whole of the realized image.

The realization with the use of a diode can have a very impressive setting, it is about different types of lighting, both of the scene, leading and the whole space. The biggest difference between displaying a graphic on a diode and adding it as an AR element is that on a diode we see that it is an image projected on a screen, while with an AR solution we see that the graphic is in the space where the person performing on stage moves.

AR solutions for Diode
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LED screens at TV productions

LED screens in television productions mainly serve a scenographic function. Many of today's studio productions abandon the classic set design by creating it precisely from LED screens. LED screens consist of small modules, which can be used to build various shapes, and their placement on the set is arbitrary. A characteristic feature of the materials displayed at this type of production is their content neutrality. In this case, the screens are the background, and their task is to create a consistent and attractive image in the camera lens. Such a solution is optimal economically and in terms of time. We can very quickly change the entire visuals and make the event more interesting.


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ewa empowering woman in agrifood

Conference production

When producing a conference - the displayed content on the diode must be legible. The content message is key here, while the visual effect is secondary. However, already in the case of artistic elements during the conference, or in the case of performances, plays, concerts, the goal is to evoke specific emotions in the viewer, designed to emphasize the intention of the director of the event.

An example of a conference with performances in a studio with an LED screen in the Digital Knowledge Space can be seen HERE (LED Conferences - Women InTech online event)

Conference production
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Our 330-square-meter studio with Dioda can be adapted for online conferences and hybrid events. It has the necessary equipment for this.

In practice, this means very good value for money. The infrastructure is bundled with a professional camera track and live broadcast systems.


For hybrid events, guests and event organizers in our space can additionally offer access to several rooms that can be used as a meeting place, relaxation area, escape room or as an event office.

  • 2 sundeck zones - open terraces with the possibility of any arrangement.
  • Catering zone, chillout zone.
  • Zone on level -1 to be arranged as needed.
  • 3 rooms on level -1 to be used, for example, as escape rooms.
  • Recording studio, dressing rooms.
Diode Conferences

In summary - the implementation on the diode is mainly based on the real image, and AR elements are an add-on to better present the content.

All this is done to best present the presented content, to enrich it, to broaden our experience and deepen our knowledge. The technology is expected to add a new informational dimension.

The potential of AR technology is huge and can be used in at least a dozen fields - from architecture, interior decoration, sales, to education, medicine and tourism.


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