Hybrid and online events

What makes Hybrid Events stand out

  • Hybrid events provide flexibility - both in terms of the form of participation (stationary or remote) and interaction.
  • Geographical limitations no longer exist, so the reach of such events expands. As a result, a conference, seminar or gala has a chance to reach every Internet user around the globe at one time.
  • Safety requirements due to the pandemic situation are also met.
  • All this does not come at the expense of engagement or interaction during the event. We know very well how to shorten the distance between those who attend the event remotely and stationarily, how to engage and provide interaction.
  • Our facility is specially prepared for the realization of high quality secure hybrid events.
  • Clients have at their disposal professional studios, spacious halls, full technical facilities and additional space such as rooms, dressing rooms and foyers.
Hybrid and online events
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Conferences, product launches, shows, concerts, debates, workshops and many other events are already taking place nowadays in hybrid and online form. The last 2 years have broken down the barrier in attending events online.


It has even become the norm. Technology today makes it possible to combine the two online & offline worlds in one event. Hybrid events combine modern technology with traditional needs.


We can safely say that the popularity of hybrid meetings is growing rapidly, they are becoming our present and future. This trend is already going to stay with us. This is because it provides an element of flexibility as well as attractiveness in our reality, in which time is also at a premium. It also allows meeting participants to feel comfortable, safe and have the opportunity to participate in the event in the form that suits them best.


In our production house and event space, we create tailor-made events for clients on a daily basis, ensuring that every participant has an experience and sensation that will be remembered for a long time. From small studio events to spectacular product launches or other corporate events, we are with our clients from the very beginning, from concept support to production of each type of event.

Conferences, product launches, shows....
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We realize events in any formula - online, hybrid and f2f:


  • Galas, awards, debates, banquets
  • Conferences and webinars
  • Press conferences
  • Product launches and presentations
  • Hackathons
  • Multievents - from several studios simultaneously
  • Trainings, workshops
  • Integration meetings
  • Motivational meetings, coaching sessions
  • Meetings with artistic performances: shows, spectacles, concerts

We create events exclusively for online streaming, as well as organize and digitize events that take place f2f, in the real world - they then switch to a hybrid formula, and thus gain a larger audience and reach.

Online events - our support - your benefits

Online event, webinar is not just a talking head....
As producers, we have about 3,000 webinars to our credit.... both sophisticated online business meetings with wide reach, and more modest ventures for every budget.


  • We appear on both sides of the camera and write scripts.
  • We create and consult on supplementary marketing support tools.
  • We train on speaking in front of the camera and how to conduct webinars effectively.
  • We also create dedicated websites for webinars, VoD systems, e-learning platforms.
  • We take care of communication with viewers before, during and after the webinar.
  • We work in a modern infrastructure with an experienced team with diverse competencies.


Online events - our support - your benefits


We have been doing webinars every day for many years now!

A webinar is a complicated and complex product that goes far beyond the studio and camera. We understand this, which is why we offer something more:


  • We realize webinars and online events in the setting of our own professional studio.
  • We have as many as 5 different configured production spaces (our own online studios) in Warsaw.
  • We optimize projects for the capabilities of each client.
  • We approach projects individually and work so that everyone can benefit to the best of their ability.
  • We teach our clients how to do webinars better.
  • We work on the basis of our own methodology, which allows you to do business webinars more efficiently and even better!


Online event where you want it

The webinars and online events we deliver can be broadcast in multiple locations, including simultaneously. So you reach where your audience really is. The possibilities are many, and we have proven solutions in each of them.


Your website www

All you have to do is put a few lines of code prepared by us on your own website or blog, and it will turn into a broadcast site. This way you can bring your webinar viewers directly to your project website. You will get precise instructions from us, and if you have any doubts, we will help you implement the code. IT knowledge and the website is within our competence.

The above elements are often a challenge for many companies. Tell us about the Event you want to organize by filling out the BRIEF. We will help you choose the best form, space and appropriate technical solutions. With us you have all the possibilities in one place. We will support you from concept to production.